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The OpenCube is a CubeX Duo that I converted to opensource by replacing the hardware with opensource componants. I plan on making a blog and video about the conversion in the near future but I thought it would be a good idea to share the firmware I customized to work on the Rambo board that is in installed in the printer.

I interfaced the Rambo board with all of the stock hardware with the exception of the Z endstop for which I used an optical trigger.  I have collected the parts to add a heated bed to the printer but I have decided to just leave it as is and use it for PLA.

You can find the firmware here.

 Marlin Open cube –

*Disclaimer* I make no claims to the quality and function of this firmware as there are multiple ways to setup your 3D Printer. Use at your own risk.*

It may be a good idea to just look at what I have done with the settings in my firmware and see if you can apply it to your own customized firmware.

4 thoughts on “OpenCube – An opensource conversion for the CubeX Duo – Firmware


I am in the process of converting a cubex to run off a rambo driver board also. Thanks for sharing your Marlin. Were you able to use the dual motor connectors on rambo meant for Z axis to drive the Cubex and reassign the axis somehow -to match the cubex Y axis?


I think I see that you changed pins.h to remap rambo to match the Cubex dual motors.

I have connected motors and now am looking to connect the extruders. Were you able to use the existing wire harness from the extruders and leave the 3d systems boards (PN 401380) in place on the gantry?


well, I wish you had the blog and video right now… I would like to follow in your footprints – I’ve had it up to here with ‘filament flow errors’ that are un-recoverable… as long as I’ve invested this much – a little more won’t hurt a bit. I love to tinker – which is why I bought a (damaged) CubeX Duo to begin with…
— I will read everything I can find –
— tommy

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