I know it’s been a while since our last update…

I thought I should take a minute and give an update on Zatopa.com and why you haven't seen an update from us in a while.  Earlier this year we had a small addition to the Zatopa.com team in the form of a beautiful baby girl, and since then things have been a little crazy here.  Going forward we are looking to simplify the website and buying experience.  As our website grows and changes keep your eyes open for these new modifications. We are also considering opening up our site to outside v Read more

How Smart Atoms Created Their Hit 3D Printed LaMetric Device lametric

Among the thousands of crowd-funding projects being pitched online, it seems that many of them are about the same project. That’s why a simple yet unique idea will easily stand out among all the projects in Kickstarter. What’s even better is if that project earns four times its goal even before reaching half the time of its intended campaign period. This little project is called LaMetric from Smart Atoms, which decided to use 3D printing technology to create a prototype and support their cro Read more

How 3D Printed Foot Models Help Diabetic Patients foot

Diabetic patients are prone to suffering from neuropathy. This is the condition of not being able to feel anything in your extremities, so patients won’t know when their toe hit something. This is quite common among people who have high blood pressure. If the condition remains untreated, a small wound on a toe or feet might get infected. The most serious case might even lead to an amputation. While some patients might find it challenging to control their blood sugar and protect their extremit Read more

3D Printing Technology Modernizes Anatomical Research ear

It has long been a practice in the West to cut up human cadavers for research purposes. However, it is mostly banned today due to cultural, religious, and legal restrictions, something that posed a problem, especially with the increased demand and high costs of getting cadavers. Now, it is even more challenging to use a human body for scientific, medical, or education purposes.  But Monash University, the biggest university in Australia, has suggested the use of 3D printers to produce body part Read more


The Oculus Rift Just went on preorder for $599!

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